Fabriq - getting started quickly

Fabriq is a PHP framework designed to rapidly develop websites and web applications to quickly hit the ground running. Fabriq has been regulary under development since the fall of 2007, steadily adding new features and functionality. The framework is built with a few core concepts in mind: OOP, MVC, ORM, and DRY.

In spring of 2014, it was decide that the massive changes will be made to the core system to implement new features. It may take a while, but the updates are definitely a great change coming to Fabriq.


Fabriq is designed to be object-oriented to keep related functionality contained in classes and make it easier to access your information. Even Fabriq's core PHP classes are classes that are used as both singleton and instantiated objects. The next evolution of Fabriq will also make use of namespaces for even better code organization.


By using MVC, Fabriq enables developers to quickly write code that keeps the data, logic, and display separated for easy maintance and organization. Fabriq also contains functionality to include scripts for specific controllers and actions.


Fabriq models are intended to match your database table structure. Developers define the attributes contained in the object, the name of the ID column, and the Model class provides storage areas for created and updated columns as well as functions to find, create, update, and destroy data.


Fabriq is designed to help you write code that is reusable so you write less code and don't keep repeating the same code over and over again. Being a rapid development framework, one of the goals is to write code quickly that is independent and doesn't rely on a method of constant copy and paste.